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wish u a good life (2021)
Documentary Short
7m 05s

edited, animated, and scored
by Lola Bean Constantino

wish u a good life reimagines what an anonymous chat online would look like if the two strangers met on a subway. The conversation took place on 2/21/21 between the filmmaker and an anonymous user on

Jury’s Choice Animation
NJ Young Filmmakers Festival 2021

Honorable Mention Award
Thomas Edison Film Festival 2022

Many people were uninterested and left my chat log but eventually, I met Nick from Greece. We wrote back and forth for an hour or so before he logged off to go to bed. It was so amazing to me that I just interacted with someone on a different continent, and we were able to discuss some very personal stuff with one another. From there, I used animation to reimage my conversation with Nick. This is what I love about animation; its ability to visualize spaces that only exist virtually or in my imagination. Overall, despite the many frustrating hours of editing and premiere crashing on my home computer, I learned so much while editing this film and hope that someday I can interact with Nick in person.

I started working on wish u a good life (2021) in January 2021. I was so burnt out from zoom university and —especially as a film student— frustrated with my inability to go out into the pandemic-ridden world and shoot live-action. I found myself in a Documentary II class and thought about what I could do given the circumstances. And then it dawned on me, why go out into the world to interview people when you can do just that online! From there, I found myself spending hours in anonymous chat rooms attempting to redirect horny interactions into deeper conversations.